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Announcement #5 (Oct 22nd, 2009): Alhamdulilah, All praise is due to Allah Almighty, we have added 19 new videos to the collection of Dr. Zakir Naik. Please visit his English Section.

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Dear brethren and sistren,

As you may already know, how our beloved scholar Sheikh Ahmed Deedat refreshed the science of debating in the Islamic tradition. When you flip through the Islamic books, you will come across Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Ibn Taimiah, Imam Abul Baqaa', Alama Ramatullah Al-Hindi, and so many scholars describing their debates, explaining their arguments, and refuting the opposites'. When it comes to the 21st century we just have one in mind: Sheikh Ahmad Deedat. Here I present before you my collection of Sheikh Ahmad Deedat's debates and lectures in 3 different qualities(whenever possible) to spread the good word among us and to others, hoping that Allah (Subhanah Wa Ta'alla) guides us and them to the right path. Finally, please feel free to copy and distribute the material provided in this website and do not forget me in your prayers nor Sheikh Ahmad Deedat and every person made this videos accessible to the public.

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Sheikh Ahmed Deedat's Books [all the links are fixed (Jan 2012)]


1. Deedat's Encounter with Christians Missionaries
Dialogue with Christian Missionaries

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(Low Quality/WMV)[66MB]

2. Islam & other Religions
Lecture by Sheikh Ahmed Deedat

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(Low Quality/WMV)[25MB]

3. Christ in Islam
Presentation by Sheikh Ahmed Deedat about Christ in Islam

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4. Sequel to Christ in Islam
Meeting with Sheikh Ahmad Deedat

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(Medium Quality/WMV)[42MB]
(Low Quality/WMV)[23MB]

5. Freely Speaking
Sheikh Ahmed Deedat in Geneva

(VCD Quality/MPEG1)[453MB]
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(Medium Quality/WMV)[30MB]
(Low Quality/WMV)[16MB]

6. Quran or the Computer

(VCD Quality/MPEG1)[758MB]
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(Low Quality/WMV) [29MB]

7. What the Bible Says About Muhammad ?
A lecture by Sheikh Ahmed Deedat in South Africa, talks about the prophecies of the prophet Muhammad in the bible.

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9. Muhammad the Greatest
A lecture presented by Sheikh Ahmed Deedat about the Prophet Muhammad , Sheikh Ahmed Deedat Well-Known as a muslim scholar who has had many debates in comparative religion with many christians scholars.

(VCD Quality/MPEG1)[1.2GB]
(High Quality/RM) [394MB]
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11. Al-Qur'an a Miracle of Miracles
A lecture in the UAE
12. Is Jesus God
A lecture by Sheikh Ahmad Deedat
13. Crucifixion or Cruci fiction
14. Islam and Christianity
15. Islam Christianity SABC Debate
between Sheikh Ahmad Deedat and a Muslim imam from the Muslim side, and a Catholic father and a learned Christian from the Christian side.
17. Shk. Deedat on U.A.E. Spotlight
In Arabic
18. Man - God - Relationship in Islam
19. Was Christ Crucified?
It's a great debate between Sheikh Ahmed Deedat who is well-known as a muslim scholar in comparative religion and Dr.Floyd E. Clark who is a professor emeritus at Johnson Bible College USA. In this debate was the first appearance for Dr. Anis Shorrosh whom Sheikh Ahmed Deedat had many debates with.

(VCD Quality/MPEG1)[2GB]
(High Quality/WMV)[309MB]
(Medium Quality/WMV)[118MB]
(Low Quality/WMV)[65MB]

20. Deedat on BBC
Sheikh Ahmed Deedat on BBC

(VCD Quality/MPEG1) [625MB] (High Quality/WMV)[109MB]
(Medium Quality/WMV)[42MB]
(Low Quality/WMV)[]

21. First series Short Talks
Talks by Sheikh Ahmed Deedat
22. Pre-Khutbah talk at University of Natal
23. Combat Kit Course Against Bible Thumpers
A 2-hour course by Sheikh Ahmed Deedat
24. Christianity and Islam
A lecture by Sheikh Ahmed Deedat in Geneva
25. Deedat's Message to Muslim Students
26. Fosis 23rd Annual Gathering
In Christmas
27. Is Jesus God?
Ahmed Deedat VS Anis Shorrosh
29. The Quran or The Bible Which is God's Word?
A day before the great debate with Dr. Jimmy Swaggart, this lecture took place in New York City, titled “Qur’an or the Bible which is God's Word?” presented by Sheikh Ahmed Deedat.

(VCD Quality/MPEG1) [1.1GB]
(High Quality/WMV)[200MB]
(Medium Quality/WMV)[76MB]
(Low Quality/WMV)[42MB]

30. Quran or the Bible Preview of U.K. Debate in South Africa
Preview of the debate between Shk. Deedat and Dr. Shorrosh
31. Jesus Christ in Christianity and Islam
A lecture by Sheikh Ahmed Deedat
32. Is the Bible God's Word? Preview of U.S.A. Debate in U.A.E.
Preview of the debate between Shk. Deedat and Dr. Swaggart
33. Is the Bible God's Word?
A great debate between Sheikh Ahmed Deedat and Jimmy Swaggart and the topic was “Is the Bible God's Word?” It took place in U.S.A at the University of Louisiana, It's Worth seeing Don't miss it.

(VCD Quality/MPEG1) [952MB]
(High Quality/WMV)[171MB]
(Medium Quality/WMV)[66MB]
(Low Quality/WMV)[36MB]

34.Is the Bible God's Word Q&A
The questions session of hte previous debate.

(VCD Quality/MPEG1) [1.1GB]
(High Quality/WMV)[196MB]
(Medium Quality/WMV)[75MB]
(Low Quality/WMV)[41MB]

35. Muhammad in the Bible in response to Swaggart A day after the great debate with Jimmy Swaggart at Louisiana University in the USA, Sheikh Ahmed Deedat in this lecture answer a question addressed to Jimmey Swaggart that “Is the bible says anything about Muhammad ?” and Jimmey's answer was "No!". Here is Sheikh Deedat's Answer.

(VCD Quality/MPEG1) [1.3GB]
(High Quality/WMV)[236MB]
(Medium Quality/WMV)[90MB]
(Low Quality/WMV)[50MB]

36. Jesus Beloved Prophet of Islam
37. Dawah or Destruction
38. Crucifixion Fact or Fiction
A great debate between Sheikh Ahmed Deedat and Dr. Robert Douglas who has PhD in Religion; the debate took place at the University of Kansas on 16th November 1986. Recommended

(VCD Quality/MPEG1) [1.7GB]
(High Quality/WMV)[305MB]
(Medium Quality/WMV)[117MB]
(Low Quality/WMV)[64MB]

39. Missionary Inroads
A lecture by Sheikh Ahmed Deedat in Maldives
40. Muhammad the Greatest
41. Muhammad the Natural Successor to Christ
42. Islam & Christianity
43. Challenge of the Missionaries
The lecture in Sharjah U.A.E.
44. Was Christ Crucified?
A debate between Deedat VS Wakefeild
46. Popes Pious Pronouncement
A lecture presented by Sheikh Ahmed Deedat titled “Popes Pious Pronouncement”

(VCD Quality/MPEG1) [909MB]
(High Quality/WMV)[164MB]
(Medium Quality/WMV)[63MB]
(Low Quality/WMV)[34MB]

47. How Not To Do Dawah
A lecture by Sheikh Ahmed Deedat in Taif, Saudi Arabia
48. Quran or the Bible which is God’s Word? (main part)
One of the Greatest debates in the last century; Sheikh Ahmed Deedat accepted the challenge and debated Dr. Anis Shorrosh in this debate u can see how Anis dealt with the audience, how weak is his Arabic language though he is an Arab! And many other things, worth seeing ...

(VCD Quality/MPEG1) [1.6GB]
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(Low Quality/WMV)[67MB]

48. Quran or the Bible which is God’s Word? (Q&A Session)
(VCD Quality/MPEG1) [999MB]
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(Medium Quality/WMV)[72MB]
(Low Quality/WMV)[40MB]
49. Sequel to Quran or the Bible which is God's word
50. Christian Missionaries at IPCI
52. Jesus Man, Myth, or God?
53. Jesus and Muhammad Comparative Study
54. Challenge of Islam
55. Dawah in the U.S.A
56. Kuwait Series - 1
English & Arabic
57. Kuwait Series - 2
English & Arabic
58. Kuwait Series - 3
Sorry not available
(VCD Quality/MPEG1) []
59. Kuwait Series - 4
English & Arabic
60. Kuwait Series - 5
64. Freely Speaking
65. If the Lable Shows Your Intent Wear It
66. A Dire Warning
67. New Deceit in Christian Evangelism
68. Is the Bible True Word Of God?
One of the Greatest Debates, It's between Sheikh Ahmed Deedat and Pastor Sjoberg, it's worth seeing don't miss it.

(VCD Quality/MPEG1) [1.8GB]
(High Quality/WMV)[333MB]
(Medium Quality/WMV)[127MB]
(Low Quality/WMV)[70MB]

69. Is Jesus God?
One of the greatest debates, where Sheikh Ahmed Deedat and Pastor Stanley Sjoberg was discussing one of the most important issues in Christianity... it's really a great debate and worth seeing .. don't miss it!

(RealPlayer High Quality) [624MB]

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(RealPlayer Low Quality) [75MB]

70. Islam the Message of Truth
71. Is Jesus God?
A debate between Sheikh Ahmed Deedat and Pastor Erik Bock
72. Is the Bible God's Word?
75. Dawah in the U.K.
76. Deedat's Kenyan Lecture Tour Masjid un-Nur
77. Deedat's Kenyan Lecture Tour - Jamia Mosque
78. Christ in Islam
Deedat's Kenyan Lecture Tour - Sir Ali Muslim Club
79. Deedat's Combat Kit Course
In Kenya
80. Deedat's Combat Kit Course
In Kenya
81. Deedat's Kenyan Lecture Tour - Memon Villa Hall
82. Student Missionaries visit the Centre
83. Christianity, Hinduism or Islam
84. Concept of God in Hinduism
85. Easter - A Muslim View Point
87. Debate With American Soldiers
88. Justice & Equality
89. Christian Missionaries in the World
90. Message of the Quran
(VCD Quality/MPEG1)[1.2GB]
(High Quality/WMV)[MB]
(Medium Quality/WMV)[79MB]
(Low Quality/WMV)[44MB]
127. Biography of Sheikh Deedat
162. Islam Answers to The New World Order
182. Christ in Islam
184. Al-Quran Miracle of Miracles
185. Free Bible Course
186. Muhammad the Prophet of Islam
187. Is the Bible True the Word of God
188. Muhammed the Greatest
211. Health of Sheikh Deedat - Interview & Current Works of IPCI
214. Daughters of Pakistan
216. Tribute and Times of Sheikh Ahmed Deedat

How did Sheikh Ahmed live? How did he start the Dawah? Who were coming to his work place to practice? What were they practicing? How did he find the book? It sounds Arabic!

This Film talks about Sheikh Deedat's Story, the Great Muslim Scholar in Comparative religion in the 21th Century.

(VCD Quality/MPEG1)[569MB]
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(Medium Quality/WMV)[39MB]
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